Matthew Leg Strong

Leg Strong

What makes you different makes you beautiful!

Matthew was born with a congenital condition affecting his right leg. The goal of this website is to educate others about fibular hemimelia and congenital femoral deficiency. I have this uncontrollable passion to help the world see your mind is your only disability!

Missing Parts...God looked down, another child complete, A smile so perfect, a temper so sweet. But baby looked and some parts were gone, Did God mess up and make me wrong? God just looked at this perfect child, He explained Himself as He just smiled. “If I’d taken time to make that part you wouldn’t be such a work of art.” I would not have had time to make that smile, To list your talents would last a mile. Your sense of humor, that belly laugh, Where are these parts, you have to ask?

You are so lucky, these gifts of gold, Those missing parts are mine to hold. Forever they’ll be, close to my heart, So as you live, We are never apart. Each time I move, you’ll be on my mind, You special child, You are quite the find! So do not miss that part, You see, “It will always be safe and sound with me.”

A day in the life


Ronan Tynan

Ronan Tynan

Listening to Ronan Tynan's beautiful voice during George H. W. Bush funeral mass. I'm remembering when this incredible (double amputee) took the time to help me through my personal recovery of making a life changing choice for Ronan took the time...

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Taking a Leap of Faith  💖  💖

Taking a Leap of Faith 💖 💖

Taking a Leap of Faith On October 25, 2018, Matthew went home happy with a new marvel leg. Unfortunately, the following day was a different story, he would not wear the leg. It was a bad day in the Kruchten household. Matthew went back to wearing his old...

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