Tune Up! 🔧🔧

Robot Leg Tune Up

Matthew needed a few adjustments to his “robot Leg.” As he always refers to his prosthetic leg. So here we go… another trip to see his doctor, Dave with Rotter Prosthetics added height to Matthew’s robot leg and now his hips are even. Growing boy!!
Also, Dave added material to the front of Matthew’s socket for two reasons… prevent holes in his pants and protection to his socket from cracks while Matt is running, jumping and just being a boy! He also added material to the Insert for easier removal from socket. This allows Matthew to be/act as his independent self.

Everyone always asks how often do you need to add height? Well pretty often, Matthew is constantly growing. We want to make sure his hips are as even as possible as his right leg grows at a slower rate than his left. Matthews’s robot leg makes up for the growth spurts he has.

We love Dave’s new office! It is such a warm inviting space.

joliet prosthetic office

Dave’s work shop is just behind those windows. You have the ability to sit the common area and see all the magic happening. But the best part is meeting all the wonderful people and hearing their stories.

robot leg tune up

While waiting in Dave Rotters’ office, we had the pleasure to check out Dave in action as he tuned up Matthews robot leg.

We have met some amazing people in such a short time we have known Dave. He always encourages us to stop in at any time. And as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago, we did. It was perfect, just what Matthew needed. Just days before we stopped in announced Matthew told Mike, his daddy, “He wishes he did not have a robot leg.” His dad said “Matt I wish I had Robot legs.” Now intrigued, Matthew asked “Why Daddy?” His dad said, “Matthew… my legs hurt. I have pain in my legs all the time.” So Matthew smiled and said “Ok, I wish I had another robot Leg!” I think Mike handled the situation extremely well.

My heart strings were tugged when Mike told me their conversation. So the following day is when we stopped in announced. The common area was full of beautiful people waiting to have adjustments made on their devices. So here is Matthew running around, talking with the other patients. After we left, Matt says to me “Momma… I’m so happy I have a robot leg and not a robot hand.” Why? I asked… And his reply was “Because, I can play with my toys.” Needless to say, I gave Matthew a massive hug!

Proud Momma~Heart Warming Moment!
Deep thoughts from my five year old son….


child amputee robot leg tune up

Matthew was invited by Dave to Dare2tri event at the Chicago’s Children Museum. Check out the pics….

tune up
robot leg
fibular himemilia