Matthew’s 4th Year!

Reflecting on what I have learned this year…

I had no idea how good I had it until I tried a different leg system!

Since 2014 Matthew has been using the pea light prosthetic leg systems with suspense sleeves and socks. I have been wanting to switch over to a new system for a while now.The suspense sleeve material is tough for Matthew to pull up, it’s hard for me at times as well. Matthew’s residual leg needed to grow in order to switch to a different sytem. This past summer his leg met the growth requirements needed for the lock in pin system.

I had my mind set on the “lock and pin system” it was the way to more independence for Matthew. His prosthetist Jared tried to tell me he didn’t think this was the best avenue. Jared knew my mind was set and was very patient with me during the trial and error phase.  Jared, Mike and I worked diligently on getting the gel liner to fit Matt’s anatomy. Matthew was a trooper during the 2 week lock in pin system test drive.

You see, if I did not put Matthew’s gel liner on precisely the system would not lock in correctly. When he did not lock into the leg correctly, Matt would say he was “tick-tocking leg not on right”. Haha! While my patience was tested, I realized the grass is not always greener on the other side! The legs Matthew had been using were not that bad! They were great! Thankfully, Jared knew I needed to take another leg system for a spin to see. Jared reconstructed the lock in pin system into his current fifth leg!

During the reconstruction process I had to cancel appointments for 2 reasons… first, my mom had a health scare, mommas health trumped everything in my life! Thankfully my momma is doing much better today! Second, snow flurries, trucks, anxiety and lots of tears on the expressway! I had an angel with me that day guiding me off the expressway. Thankfully Doreen and Eddie took care of Matthew and I that day, we had a nice visit. I can still hear Eddie saying “Trish you fell off the horse, you have to get back on”! Eddie “not today”! Hahaha!

What I have learned…
To listen better and open your mind to other ideas.
Don’t be afraid to make wrong decisions, learn from them.
My experience with Matthew’s leg this past year is a great example!!!

Tricia Kruchten